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Determinism: Delusions and The Hive

Some painter named Raoul Martinez doesn’t want to be held responsible for his choices and actions.  He lays out the standard case for determinism in one of those slick little youtube infomercials: What’s interesting to note about this form of … Continue reading

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Postmodernists Give Us a New Sexual Identity

So it looks like this story was not a hoax, as there are people who think they have romantic and sexual relationships with inanimate objects.  It’s supposed to be called Objectum Sexuality. Let’s have a closer look from some of … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and Evidence for Christian Theism

Let me provide what I consider to be a significant piece of evidence for the truth of Christian theism. It all begins with the Goldilocks Principle.  Wikipedia describes it as follows: The Goldilocks principle is named by analogy to the … Continue reading

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Woman wants to marry light fixture

  That gender spectrum continues to expand: A British woman plans to marry a chandelier she bought online — and admits she’s hooked on “kisses and cuddles” with the dusty antique. Amanda Liberty, 33, isn’t fazed by the whopping 57 … Continue reading

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What is Secular Privilege? Here are 10 Everyday Examples

When trying to better understand what white privilege is supposed to be, I discovered a series of articles that help by providing concrete examples, such as What Is White Privilege? Here Are 9 Everyday Examples by Suzannah Weiss.   As I … Continue reading

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Defining a Determinist

A determinist is someone who thinks people should not hold him morally responsible for his actions. I see….. Wonder why that is? 😉

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Atheist Activists Mourn Murderer’s Death

Another atheist activist has committed murder.  This time it’s Scott Smith, an activist who seemed to play a significant role in the atheist activist community:  he co-hosted the “Recovering from Religion” podcast and was active with the Military Association of … Continue reading

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Wilfrid Laurier University Admits Wrongdoing

Yesterday I pointed out that faculty and administrators at Wilfrid Laurier University were engaged in an unethical abuse of power.   Since this behavior became widely known, thanks to the student wisely taping her interrogation, the University has been forced to … Continue reading

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More Postmodern Authoritarianism

We have yet more evidence for the authoritarian nature of today’s social justice activists A Canadian teaching assistant was reprimanded by her professor for showing students a video featuring University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson. According to The National … Continue reading

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Two plus two does not equal five

Here’s a story of a guy who calls himself Ja Du.  He believes he is both a woman and a Filipino.  He is transgender and transracial.  If he wants to believe that, fine.  The problem arises when he and others … Continue reading

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