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NPC Attack


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Another Fake Hate Crime

I’m shocked: A member of student government at Ohio University has been charged with a misdemeanor after she allegedly made false statements to police about receiving threatening messages. Anna Ayers, who is a member of the OU student senate, was … Continue reading

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Be careful what you say

From this news article: Jacinta Brooks, 41, asked a 12-year-old girl to send indecent pictures of herself – the third time she is known to have targeted children. […] Prosecutor Berenice Mulvanny said that police found screenshots of the conversation … Continue reading

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Is Evidence Still Important?

One of the things I  have noticed about Christine Blasey Ford allegations against Judge Kavanaugh is the response from the atheist activist community.  As far as i can tell, there is a unanimous consensus of belief.  That is, the atheist … Continue reading

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Social Justice Meltdown

The vote to confirm Judge Kavenaugh for Supreme Court Justice has the social justice activists/atheists in a complete meltdown. For example, PZ Myers wrote, “Chuck Wendig eloquently says what I think” and then quotes his twitter storm. What did Chuck … Continue reading

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Tweety Dawk Reduced to Virtue Signaling

Given Dawkins dwindling status as a player in the public arena, I suppose we should not be surprised that he has turned to Virtue Signaling: Bullseye by Paul Krugman: the politics of white male resentment“(Trump’s) jihad against Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheist Wants to Believe

Atheists love to preen about their supposed allegiance to critical thinking and evidence.  Yet most of us here recognize this posturing is not rooted in reality.  For those still having a hard time believing it, consider something atheist PZ Myers … Continue reading

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Is Religious Belief Always Bad?

Anti-religious activist Richard Carrier wrote a blog posting entitled, “What’s the Harm? Why Religious Belief Is Always Bad.”  Carrier comes up with a way to take a common New Atheist talking point and turn it into almost 6000 words of … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheists Don’t Care About Evidence

I don’t think social justice atheists understand the importance of evidence, reason, and critical thinking.  Instead, they seem to prize things like emotion and confirmation bias. Case in point – social justice extremist PZ Myers.  He wrote the following on … Continue reading

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Atheists Make Bomb Threat Against Atheist Conference

Okay, I can’t say for sure it was an atheist who made the bomb threat, but it’s probably safe to say its primarily the atheist population who care about, let alone even know of, something called “Mythcon.”   That is, the … Continue reading

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