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The Intersectionalists are Fragile

Here’s a nice summary of the intersectionalist cultists (HT: stcordova) I would make one minor correction: Some blame the new campus intolerance on hypersensitive, over-trophied millennials. But the students who signed that letter don’t appear to be fragile. Nor do … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Harris and Coyne

We have seen that both Sam Harris and Jerry Coyne have condemned Lawrence Krauss for his sexual harassment of women.  Harris said that he believes the women, that Krauss needs to apologize, and that he is in a position to … Continue reading

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Was Dawkins Poe’d Again?

Tweety Dawk is back: Hate at this pathological level demands explanation beyond the obvious low intelligence. I suggest that Godnuts are secretly unconfident of their beliefs & mortally terrified they might be wrong. This translates into hyper-extreme hate of anyone … Continue reading

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Ignoring the Outmoded

Here’s a video where atheist Lawrence Krauss talks about religion from his hostile perspective.  I hope to address various points that he raises in the future, but for now, I’d like to focus on his basic point from 1:50 – … Continue reading

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The Hate That Consumes

Over in the comments section of his blog, PZ Myers wrote: 10-15 years ago, we had this hope that atheism would inspire a global movement, one that would displace religion with an evidence-based philosophy. We were wrong. Indeed.  It is encouraging that … Continue reading

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The Intersectionals: a Secular Religion

Here’s a good article that touches on some of the religious dimensions of today’s secular social justice ideologues: It was always foolish to believe that a less Christian America would be a less religious America. The demise of religion among … Continue reading

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Not Everyone is Happy with Jerry Coyne’s Position

When Jerry Coyne posted his position about Lawrence Krauss, he took the highly unusual step of turning off the comments for that post.  I can’t think of a single other example when he has done that.  Of course, it’s obvious … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne Officially Disassociates Himself from Lawrence Krauss

It sure looks like Lawrence Krauss has no allies.  From Jerry Coyne: After that article appeared, I did some digging on my own, and came up with three cases that have convinced me that Krauss engaged in sexual predation of … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheist Flees Twitter

If you’ll recall, Dan Arel is the social justice atheist who advocates using violence against those who have different political viewpoints than he does.  As of today, it looks like he has deleted his twitter account.  What could have possibly … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Speaks About Lawrence Krauss on his Podcast

Points worth noting: Harris’s explanation for not talking about the allegations during the event with Matt Dillahunty makes sense. Like Krauss, Harris tries to characterize the Buzzfeed article as an attack on atheism.  Is he trying to blame religion and … Continue reading

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