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Is a Social Justice Group Linked to NAMBLA?

Peter Hasson, associate editor of the Daily Caller, writes: The left-wing activists behind the anti-conservative riots at Berkeley have ties to one of the nation’s most prominent pro-pedophilia organizations. What makes Hasson’s article so intriguing is that it contains photos … Continue reading

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Professor Rationalizes Censorship

PZ Myers, the increasingly obscure atheist activist,  rationalizes the need to censor non-Leftist views on campus by complaining that universities don’t have infinite time and resources.  The argument is basically as follows:  “We’d let you speak, but because our time … Continue reading

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Where Does Social Justice End?

From 2013: United Nations officials today lauded the commitment of Hugo Chávez to the cause of social justice, as the General Assembly paid tribute to the memory of the late President of Venezuela. “History will remember President Chávez – a … Continue reading

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Postmodern Science

Bill Nye, the snake oil salesman who peddled the $200 ionator that promised to turned tap water into “ionized” water which would kill just about any bacteria has discovered another way to use [cough] science: Here’s the “pro-science” message Bill is … Continue reading

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More Threatiness from Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a video about science and he considers it the most important words he has ever spoken. He begins by asking, “How did America rise up from a back woods country to be one of the greatest … Continue reading

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More on Atheism and Postmodernism

Previously, I commented on an essay by Helen Pluckrose in a blog entry entitled, Why the Left Will Lose to the Regressive Left.  Pluckrose must have noticed my blog entry and commented on it on her FB page: I never … Continue reading

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Memphis March for Science Splits Because of Infighting

From here: On one side are scientists who value their work for its purity, its separation from politics—illusory though that may seem under an administration that seeks to downsize the EPA, cut the NIH budget, and deny climate change. On … Continue reading

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The Atheist’s Where’s Waldo Approach

Over the years, I have shown the fatal flaws inherent in the atheists’ demand for evidence of God’s existence.  We have seen such demands completely ignore the subjective dimension of all evidence and mistakenly treat evidence as if it can … Continue reading

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Since when did the ham-handed approach become the smart approach?

Let’s consider the rationale behind Jerry Coyne’s self-image of being smarter than all theists simply because he is not a theist. Coyne wrote: And many public intellectuals—and virtually all accomplished scientists—are atheists. Why? Because there’s no credible evidence for God. … Continue reading

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