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Are School Shooters and Social Justice Extremists on the Same Spectrum?

Birgit Pfeifer of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Ruard R. Ganzevoort of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam published an article entitled The Implicit Religion of School Shootings: Existential Concerns of Perpetrators Prior to Their Crime.  (HT: John Branyan) The researchers looked through … Continue reading

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The Collapsing Escape Hatch

Modern day atheism is built on a simple claim – There is no evidence that God exists.  But how does the atheist know this?  It’s one thing to claim, “I don’t see any evidence for God” or “What you consider … Continue reading

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The Only Way to Protect Your Child from a School Shooting

Because of the school shootings, we are told that the schools are a very dangerous place.  That children everywhere are suffering from anxiety for fear that they will be the next victims of a school shooting.  For example, at a … Continue reading

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Atheism and Sex

According to this article, Researchers from McGill University in Canada have found that men with high testosterone levels are less likely to be religious. and adds The researchers suggest that further studies are needed to understand how hormones shape a … Continue reading

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Could Social Justice Activism Be Contributing to Rape?

I know very little about Tommy Robinson and all the controversy surrounding him.  So I found this article to be helpful.  While reading I ran across this excerpt: The problem — as I said in 2015 — is that any challenge Robinson … Continue reading

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Atheism and Depression

I am sure you have all heard how religious belief is declining among young people.  Thus, you have to wonder if there is a connection here: New research shows there’s been a sharp spike in cases of major depression in … Continue reading

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Why Was That Published?!!

There is very little difference between a New Atheist activist and a Social Justice activist.  Consider atheist activist Jerry Coyne.   He is such a snowflake that it won’t be long before he starts demanding trigger warnings when certain topics come … Continue reading

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How Social Justice Activists Think

Nora Berenstain,  an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Tennesse,  is also a hardcore advocate of social justice ideology.  Let’s have a look at her FB posting from last year that berated Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy at … Continue reading

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Looks Like the Latest School Shooter was an Atheist and Satanist

There’s been another school shooting that has killed 10 people in Texas. According to this ABC report about the shooter: On Facebook, Pagourtzis lists himself as an atheist under religious views Also, his Facebook account appears to indicate an interest … Continue reading

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UC Berkeley Morphing Into a Clown College?

From here: A University of California, Berkeley report on free speech questions the motives of controversial speakers who sparked violent campus clashes last year, saying they were part of a “coordinated campaign” to make college campuses appear intolerant of conservative … Continue reading

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