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Another Queer Activist With an Interest in Children

More and more queer activists are increasingly focused on children. Yet the queer host of that show thinks kids and “kink” belong together. And pay attention to the deception – when she says “kid friendly,” she means kids should be … Continue reading

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More Oppression

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Progressive Parents Harming Their Own Children

Check out this video. Because of this mother’s socio-political beliefs, she is gently forcing her young son to make decisions that no child can truly make. And it’s clear the child is overwhelmed by the topic and afraid to “say … Continue reading

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Expanding The Woke Attack on Science

The woke progressives are becoming increasingly anti-science.

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Some Atheists Finally Figured it Out

I do appreciate that atheists like Bill Maher, Peter Boghossian, and James Lindsay have figured out that the Woke religion is far more dangerous and destructive than the Christian religion. But let’s not forget they were slow learners. Check out … Continue reading

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Sin and Leftist activism

TFBW made some excellent observations in the comments. Let me repost them here. From TFBW:Another thing that strikes me about this list is how aligned with Leftist activism it is. Lust hardly needs any explanation. Leftists demand that we tolerate … Continue reading

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False Shepherds

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Common sense

When people threaten to kill themselves repeatedly, it does indeed suggest some form of mental disorder in involved. Imagine if you knew a chid who threatened to kill himself unless his parents let him cut off his left hand. Is … Continue reading

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The Seven Deadly Wants

Previously I mentioned that five of the seven deadly traits (sins) boiled down to selfish desire – I want…  But upon more thought, I think all seven collapse into selfish desire. Take wrath.  TFBW noted, “Wrath can also be “I … Continue reading

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The Seven Deadly Traits

I’ve been wanting to write about the Seven Deadly Sins for some time now, so let me stop putting it off.  Of course, the list of sevens sins is not outlined as such in the Bible, although there is Biblical … Continue reading

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