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LGBT+ Privilege in the Media

Ever since the pandemic hit, I have seen plenty of streamed TV shows and movies. LGBT+ privilege has become clear when doing so, as many of the shows and movies have LGBT characters who are portrayed positively or neutrally. In … Continue reading

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Creepy Trans Twix Commercial

Check it out. A witch essentially replaces the parents of a tran boy who wears a princess dress. The witch takes the trans boy to a park, where an evil cis boy says the trans boy and his witch protector … Continue reading

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Did Dave Chappelle “Punch Down?”

Concerning Dave Chappelle’s comedy show, a typical woke professor complained: Louis CK remains the king — wow, but that guy destroyed his reputation spectacularly — but it looks like Dave Chappelle is working hard to catch up. Where once I … Continue reading

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Who is Pushing Polyamory?

Here is something that was in the news a few months ago: Cambridge legalizes polyamorous partnerships. The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, will become the second municipality in the country to legalize domestic partnerships between three or more people. On Monday, … Continue reading

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Gay Men Who Wrote “We’ll Convert Your Children” Song Now Claim to be Victims

It figures: Oh please. That was not a song “about tolerance.” That was a song about endorsement. That song taunted a large group of people about your ability to get their children to endorse and applaud your gayness. You must … Continue reading

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Gay Men’s Choir Sings, “We’ll Convert Your Children”

Oh my. First there was the trans woman who exposes “her” penis to young girls in a spa, then there is the lesbian mother who wants to expose children to adult sexual fetish play, and now we have the San … Continue reading

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Lesbian Mother Wants to Expose Kids to Adult Sexual Fetishes

There’s a lot of creeps and kooks out there, but since no less than the Washington Post wanted to provide a platform for these views, I’ll oblige and notice. From Yes, kink belongs at Pride. And I want my kids … Continue reading

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