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The Oppressed

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Pride Month

Apparently, one way the Woke celebrate pride month is to take kids to gay bars and get them to participate is some draq queen dance routine: BTW, if you oppose this, the secular progressives will accuse you of homophobia and … Continue reading

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No One Wants to Date a Trans: What Does It Mean?

A recent study has turned up some bad news for the gender activists and their allies: 958 participants (all but seven cisgender, ranging in age from 18 to 81, with an average age of 26) were asked to indicate which … Continue reading

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More Evidence to Support Bill Maher’s Point About the LGBTQ Fad/Trend

In case you have not seen this, I would highly recommend it: Let me provide some evidence that greatly strengthens Maher’s point about the trendiness of being LGBT. Here is a breakdown of the survey results from the Gallop poll … Continue reading

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An Unconvincing Gender Identity Study

A paper recently published in Pediatrics is already being cited by the LGBTQ community as something that supports the trans cause. For example, the activist site, Them, published an article with great excitement: Conservatives and assorted anti-trans reactionaries like to … Continue reading

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A Schism Among the Ls, Gs, and Ts

A nice article appeared in Newsweek that scores some significant points against the Trans/Queer movement. What makes the article different is that it is written by a gay man. It begins: There is a frightening new version of homophobia pervading … Continue reading

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A Two Spirit

This person identifies as “Two Spirit” and claims to have a “relationship” with her “divine masculine and divine feminine” spirits. Keep in mind, that according to the Woke, this is one of the identities we are all supposed to acknowledge, … Continue reading

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Vindictive Disney

I’m shocked to find a Hollywood producer would have two queer kids. Shocked. One is pansexual, but I don’t see the P in LGBTQIA. Bigots. Now, if you listen closely, she is basically talking about retaliation – because of the … Continue reading

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Minority Stress Theory Not Looking So Good

About a year ago, a study was published and NBC news described its findings as follows: Nearly a third of young gay people have attempted suicide, study finds I don’t think that’s the major finding of the study.  The study … Continue reading

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A Lesbian Student Tries to Justify Deplatforming Mike Pence. And Fails.

A few days before the student newspaper demanded that Mike Pence be deplatformed at the University of Virginia, a first year student named Elisabeth Bass had an opinion piece published by the same newspaper.  Bass is a first year student … Continue reading

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