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Gay Men Who Wrote “We’ll Convert Your Children” Song Now Claim to be Victims

It figures: Oh please. That was not a song “about tolerance.” That was a song about endorsement. That song taunted a large group of people about your ability to get their children to endorse and applaud your gayness. You must … Continue reading

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Gay Men’s Choir Sings, “We’ll Convert Your Children”

Oh my. First there was the trans woman who exposes “her” penis to young girls in a spa, then there is the lesbian mother who wants to expose children to adult sexual fetish play, and now we have the San … Continue reading

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Why Would Anyone Trust a Critical Race “Theorist?”

An article recently appeared in Politico entitled, “I’ve Been a Critical Race Theorist for 30 Years. Our Opponents Are Just Proving Our Point For Us.” Excellent.  A critical race “theorist.”  His name is Gary Peller and he “teaches constitutional law … Continue reading

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Week of Reason: Atheist Abandons Reason and Science to Defend Critical Race Theory

Over at his blog, social justice atheist PZ Myers posted an entry entitled, “Why are you afraid of critical race theory?” Myers is responding to a Washington Post story that tries to make it look like there is something wrong … Continue reading

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Is the American Humanist Association anti-Semitic?

The American Humanist Association likes to promote itself with the slogan, “Good Without A God.” But alas, it doesn’t appear the AHA can live up to that slogan.  Any organization that promotes anti-Semites and eugenicists cannot be considered “good” by … Continue reading

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Satanic Proselytization?

Over at the HuffPo, I read: “I am a 40-something attorney and mother who lives in a quiet neighborhood with a yard and a garage full of scooters and soccer balls. I am not the type of person who would … Continue reading

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Social Justice “Protesters” Threaten to Burn Down People’s Houses

From a source that quotes a NYT article (which is behind a paywall): “It went from a peaceful march, calling out the names, to all of a sudden, bang, ‘How dare you fly the American flag?’” said Mr. Moses, who … Continue reading

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So Now It Is Racist to Own a Dog

According to an article from United Wildlife: If you are white and own a dog, you are openly participating and advocating for cultural appropriation and colonialism. Reinforcing this culture is NOT acceptable and will come with its repercussions. Dogs are … Continue reading

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Antifa Now Killing People

Three years ago, I warned about the way social justic advocates embrace violence: There is yet another route for the slippery slope to travel.  Why stop with punching a nazi when the same logic works for killing a nazi?  If … Continue reading

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Protesters Gone Violent

The title of this article says it all: Portland Rioters Attempt to Murder Man Who Intervened In Their Robbery and Assault of a White Trans Person So the protesters are now “transphobic.”  Hypocrites.

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