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Liberal Women and Mental Illness

Very interesting. Of course, this is based on a self-report of what people have been supposedly told. But even if many of the liberals made this up, that itself is a form of mental illness. For why would you want … Continue reading

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How Did We Get Here?

You often hear progressive activists whine about various legislation that is supposedly trying to “erase transgender people.” Yeah, right. But go ahead and read Leor Sapir’s many responses that make it pretty clear why such legislation is seen to be … Continue reading

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Let’s Wait for Evidence

Of course, the activists, being activists, can’t be trusted with being truthful. For those of us who think truth claims should be grounded in some evidence, I would note that at this point, there is no evidence this was a … Continue reading

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Activists: Modern Day Propagandists

We live in a time when many people seem to be proud of being “an activist.”  They think it a good thing.  There are professors who think incorporating activism into the course is a good thing. I am different.  I … Continue reading

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The Anti-Pedophile Pledge

It’s simple: Pedophilia is disgusting. It is wrong and should always remain illegal. If you agree, let the world know in the comments section.

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Did Dave Chappelle “Punch Down?”

Concerning Dave Chappelle’s comedy show, a typical woke professor complained: Louis CK remains the king — wow, but that guy destroyed his reputation spectacularly — but it looks like Dave Chappelle is working hard to catch up. Where once I … Continue reading

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The Argument is Out of Date

There is yet another problem with Adam Something’s laughable attempt to explain/justify why Academia has become a Far Left Echo Chamber.  His argument has become outdated.  Recall that Something claims academia is an environment that is built around Open-mindedness, Rationality, … Continue reading

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Gay Men Who Wrote “We’ll Convert Your Children” Song Now Claim to be Victims

It figures: Oh please. That was not a song “about tolerance.” That was a song about endorsement. That song taunted a large group of people about your ability to get their children to endorse and applaud your gayness. You must … Continue reading

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Gay Men’s Choir Sings, “We’ll Convert Your Children”

Oh my. First there was the trans woman who exposes “her” penis to young girls in a spa, then there is the lesbian mother who wants to expose children to adult sexual fetish play, and now we have the San … Continue reading

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Why Would Anyone Trust a Critical Race “Theorist?”

An article recently appeared in Politico entitled, “I’ve Been a Critical Race Theorist for 30 Years. Our Opponents Are Just Proving Our Point For Us.” Excellent.  A critical race “theorist.”  His name is Gary Peller and he “teaches constitutional law … Continue reading

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