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More Evidence of Trans Activist Power

Over the last year or so, I have become cognizant of the immense power that is wielded by the transgender activists.  I provided a concrete example about 6 weeks ago. And now I recently ran across this article.  Let me … Continue reading

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Just How Often Does Transphobia Lead to Murder?

I’ve noticed that a common talking point of the LGBTQ activists is to portray transgender people as suffering some epidemic of murders because of transphobia.  Recently, I showed you such an example where transgender activists portrayed the murder of fellow … Continue reading

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When Activists Exploit the Mentally Ill

Over at the “Friendly” Atheist blog, activist Hemant Mehta is once again peddling his anti-Christian propaganda. He writes a short click-bait posting entitled, “Watch This Christian Lady Swear Up a Storm While Preaching at Walmart Customers” and says: Imagine you … Continue reading

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Maya Forstater’s Reasonable Approach Under Attack by Radicals

We have seen that a Judge (James Tayler) has ruled Maya Forstater’s views are “absolutist,” did ““not have the protected characteristic of philosophical belief” and is an “approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society.” As such, the … Continue reading

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The Raw Power of the Trans Activists

In response to the trans toxicity noted before, JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, tweeted: Dress however you please. Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you. Live your best life in peace … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg – Media Creation

Recently, PZ Myers was ranting because Greta Thunberg was being criticized/mocked: Greta Thunberg has achieved notoriety because she ably represents a scientific consensus, and is angry and vocal about the way the Old Guard has wrecked the environment and set us … Continue reading

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Professor Wants to Kill Christians

I knew anti-Christian bigotry was fairly common in academia, but this is a bit extreme: Jeff Klinzman, an adjunct English professor at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, had posted on a Facebook page named “Iowa Antifa.” He commented “Yeah, … Continue reading

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Atheist Activists Meltdown Because of Supreme Court

Yesterday was a bad day for the anti-religious/atheist activists: A 40-foot-tall, World War I memorial cross can continue to stand on public land in Maryland, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday in an important decision about the use of religious symbols … Continue reading

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Oberlin College Found Guilty of Attacking and Slandering Local Business

Oberlin College has been found guilty of helping to organize a smear campaign against local citizens: Oberlin College has been ordered by a jury to pay $44 million to a local bakery and convenience store after the midwestern liberal arts … Continue reading

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Christian Baker Again Under Attack

It appears the LGBTQ community is still involved in a hate campaign against a baker who just happens to be a Christian: The owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop — which won a case before the US Supreme Court recently — was … Continue reading

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