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The AAAS Decides to Further Politicize Science

It looks like the American Association for the Advancement of Science is transforming itself into a partisan special interests group: AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific organization, announced Thursday that it will partner with the March for Science, a nonpartisan … Continue reading

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Helps Promote PETA

As we know, Neil deGrasse Tyson sells himself as some a champion of science.  He has lots of fans, as many people buy into his Mr. Science routine.  But did you know that he also helped to promote the radical … Continue reading

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Bill Nye’s Snake Oil

A few years ago, Bill Nye was using science to promote a new product: You paid about $200 for the ionator which turned tap water into “ionized” water that was then supposed to be able to clean about anything while … Continue reading

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Irony Alert

The New Atheists have long told us that we all need to become more like Denmark.  We’re told places like Denmark are more culturally advanced because they are more atheistic. Well…..did you hear about the Danish man who videoed himself burning … Continue reading

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How the March for Science Can Hurt Science

I think the March for Science is a very bad idea for the simple reason that the March is likely to politicize science to a dangerous degree. Robert S. Young, a professor of coastal geology, wrote an essay for the … Continue reading

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Politics and Kids

Another dime-a-dozen protest occurred at the University of Chicago. Ah, yes.  Politically indoctrinating children to engage in symbolic acts of violence. According to New Atheist logic, this is child abuse.

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Is the March for Science “Non-partisan” Stance Dishonest?

It looks like the “non-partisan” March for Science could very well provide some interesting material over the next few weeks.  Let’s start with this report: Hundreds of science supporters gathered here in Copley Square this afternoon at a rally coinciding … Continue reading

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Atheism as Subjective Opinion

In one his speeches given in May 2012, Peter Boghossian defines atheists: The overwhelming majority of atheists don’t claim there is no god. They just claim there is not sufficient evidence to warrant belief in God. Yet multiple atheists activists … Continue reading

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Transactivist Denies Biology

Anytime I hear a social justice activist preach their ideology, a simple question comes to mind – “Where does this all end?” Here’s a nice example, where a transgender activist argues that trans-women are NOT biologically male.  Y’see, the biological … Continue reading

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March for Post-Modern Science

The March for Science apparently comes with its own particular version of the philosophy of science.  This can be clearly seen when Jerry Coyne’s views of science are contrasted with other March supporters (and the March itself). First, Coyne tells … Continue reading

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