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New Atheism in Action

I told you New Atheism was rooted in emotion, not reason. Watch this atheist present all the standard Gnu talking points in his “debate” with the Christian. It begins with the atheist saying he wants to put Christians in prison. … Continue reading

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New Atheism and Science are Incompatible

One of the core arguments of the New Atheist movement insists that science and religion are “incompatible.” Scientists are not supposed to be religious and if anyone truly values science, they are supposed to abandon their religion. The argument is … Continue reading

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Dawkins Jumps the Shark in His New Music Video

Having a hard day and just need a good laugh? Well, you have come to the right place. Below is a video where Richard Dawkins has created his own music video to help spread his meme about memes. Yes, his … Continue reading

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Dawkins New Book

Dawkins has written a new book about his favorite topic – himself. The book is 304 pages long and, er, it’s just part one of a two-part series about himself. Here’s how it is adorned on Amazon: And who inspired … Continue reading

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Helpless Hypocrisy

Jerry Coyne continues to wallow in his helpless hypocrisy as he tries to defend his infamous claim, “I will act as though I have free choices even though I don’t.” He starts with a dig at David Heddle: In response, … Continue reading

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Look in the Mirror

Dawkins likes to con people into thinking he is open-minded about the existence of God by claiming he would change his mind if only someone could provide him some evidence. With that in mind, notice this bit of irony from … Continue reading

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Real Child Abuse

I can’t think of many people who deserve to go to hell, but people who teach its existence to vulnerable children are prime candidates. — Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) May 26, 2013 Actually, I can easily think of better candidates. Like … Continue reading

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