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Sam Harris: Rape is not as bad as religion.

Consider just how radicalized Sam Harris is: Harris: I can be even more inflammatory than that. If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of either rape or religion, I would not hesitate to get rid of religion. … Continue reading

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The Passionate Atheist

You have probably heard of the Amazing Atheist.  And the Friendly Atheist. Even the Happy Atheist.  Today, meet The Passionate Atheist, someone who seems to perfectly exemplify the extremes of both the New Atheists and the Social Justice Atheists. Check … Continue reading

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Types of Evidence and Atheism

In the previous posting, we saw the Christina Rad was dealing with a truth claim and its relation to the evidence.  What she learned from her experience is that there are at least two forms of evidence: Demonstrable, empirical evidence … Continue reading

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Christina Rad, Lawrence Krauss, and Evidence

Here’s a video from Christina Rad where she talks about the time Lawrence Krauss stood behind her and groped her thigh at some atheist conference.  Rad herself is an atheist and has been somewhat popular among the internet atheists with … Continue reading

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Buyer’s Remorse

A remarkable tweet when you consider the source. Before we rejoice at the death throes of the relatively benign Christian religion, let’s not forget Hilaire Belloc’s menacing rhyme: “Always keep a-hold of nurse For fear of finding something worse.” — … Continue reading

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Physicist Sean Carroll Misrepresents Science

Several years ago, physicist Sean Carroll laid out his core argument for the “incompatibility” of science and religion: The reason why science and religion are actually incompatible is that, in the real world, they reach incompatible conclusions. It’s worth noting … Continue reading

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Activist David Hogg: Better that kids should die than be embarrassed

From here: Conservative Twitter is mocking Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg for his complaint to Axios about the school’s clear backpack policy, an apparent added security measure students are supposed to come back to after spring … Continue reading

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A Critical Look at Privilege

While it is common for social justice activists to invoke the concept of”privilege,” as critical thinkers, we are obligated to consider the simple fact that the word is being used in an activist context.  And that means it is commonly … Continue reading

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Why are the Intersectionalists So Mean?

I assume many of you have heard the story about college student Lake Ingle who got into trouble with his social justice professor.  If not, here’s a decent article that goes into some of the details. Recently, the university president … Continue reading

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The Intersectionalists are Fragile

Here’s a nice summary of the intersectionalist cultists (HT: stcordova) I would make one minor correction: Some blame the new campus intolerance on hypersensitive, over-trophied millennials. But the students who signed that letter don’t appear to be fragile. Nor do … Continue reading

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