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If Atheism is Just a Lack of Belief in God…..

If atheism is simply a lack of belief in God/gods, then what is agnosticism? what do you call people who believe there is no God/gods? how does a mere lack of belief in God/gods justify labeling believers as “delusional?”  For … Continue reading

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Atheism: Just a Lack of Belief in God?

In my previous posting, we saw that when considering a population of antinatalists – people who insist it is immoral to have children – the majority of these advocates were atheists and agnostics.  That is, 67.9% of the antinatalists were … Continue reading

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Some Atheist Governments Take “Faith Virus” Problem Seriously

[I thought this comment below from Dhay deserved more attention]: John Loftus, reviewing Peter Boghossian’s “A Manual for Creating Atheists”, OP > So he’s calling on a potential legion of people who are willing to help cure believers of their faith … Continue reading

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Atheism and Antinatalism

In a previous posting, I noted: It is also interesting to step back and take in the various moral perspectives of different expressions of atheism.  Whether it’s Singer’s advocacy for bestiality or infanticide, Dawkins’ advovcating for “mild pedophilia,” the determinists … Continue reading

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The Rambow Effect: How Moderate Views Fuel Extremism

Henry Rambow wrote an article which essentially regurgitates Sam Harris’s argument about religious moderates being blamed for the existence of extreme religious fundamentalists. Like Harris, Rambow approaches the whole issue with incredible tunnel vision.  He seems oblivious to the fact that … Continue reading

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What Idiot Runs Chick-fil-A?

Every thinking person knows you can not appease the radicalized social justice extremists.  So why bother trying?  Attempts to appease are viewed as signs of weakness and only encourage more extreme demands.  So again, what idiot at Chick-fil-A thought it … Continue reading

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Atheism is Dark Places

In the past, I have heard atheist activists argue that atheism actually enhances the meaning and value of our lives.  How so?  Well, since this is the one and only life we shall ever have, that makes it all the … Continue reading

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Was Dawkins’ Book a Flop?

It looks to me like Richard Dawkins’ latest atheism book has turned out to be a flop.  Right now, over at, it is ranked around 2800.  And every time I have checked, it has never been less than 900.  … Continue reading

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The Mass Shooters

Here is a visual break down of Isaac’s results looking into the belief systems of mass shooters here in the United States:  

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What Do Mass Shooters Believe?

The following is a guest post from reader, Isaac Within a week’s time in 2019, three mass shootings occurred: in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, and Gilroy, California. In most media coverage, two of the killers were described as white nationalists, … Continue reading

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