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Why Stop With Arson?

More moral clarity from the atheist professor who advocates church burnings: I still wouldn’t respect or like him, but I think he’d be a better man if he’d merely tossed someone in a woodchipper, rather than making a lucrative career … Continue reading

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Atheist Morality At Work

Ah, atheist morality on display. Speaking of a rightwing publisher who died of cancer: I wouldn’t normally say this about a cancer victim, but jesus, I hope he suffered. – PZ Myers Speaking of the churches in Canada: Burn a church … Continue reading

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Atheist Embraces Violence

A few weeks ago, I noticed atheist actvist PZ Myers continued to expand upon his embrace of violence. AS we have seen before, Myers is a champion of the notion that one should “punch a Nazi.” It’s a morally and … Continue reading

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The Sentimental Moralist

Commenting on the hysterical reaction to the Covington student issue, Matthew Schmitz made some incredibly insightful points that also apply to the original hysteria surrounding the Jussie Smollett allegations: Oscar Wilde defined the sentimentalist as one “who desires to have … Continue reading

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Non-Christians Continue to Struggle with Morality

Tom Gilson wrote a nice article about the way secularists push their morality on others. They approach morality as hyper-religious zealots.  They demand conformity.  They demand allegiance to their morality. As we proceed into the increasingly bizarre post-Christian world, the … Continue reading

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More Words

Still clinging to the New Atheist glory days, blogger Richard Carrier will be speaking at some local skeptic’s group.  His talk, “The Science and Philosophy of Moral Reasoning,” is advertised as follows: Unlike religious moral systems, atheist moral systems are … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Attacks Monogamy

A few years back Richard Dawkins wrote an article entitled Banishing the Green-Eyed Monster.  In it, he puts his New Atheist sense of morality on display.  He begins by arguing that politicians have a duty to lie when it comes to … Continue reading

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The Pence Rule

One topic that seriously agitates the Friendly Atheist is the so-called Pence Rule. Hemant explains: The “Mike Pence rule” (a.k.a. the Billy Graham rule) is the absurd notion that a man shouldn’t meet with a woman who’s not his wife … Continue reading

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The Arrogant Defense of “Infant Euthanasia”

Jerry Coyne continues his effort to defend “infant euthanasia.” If you’ll remember the first time around, Coyne completely failed to address the slippery slope problem that is entailed in these calls to legalize infanticide. Given his failure to address this … Continue reading

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Atheism and Infanticide

Over a decade ago, I stumbled upon a guiding principle that has yet to fail me.  The principle is this:  When you encounter someone advocating for infanticide, chances are extremely high that the advocate also happens to be an atheist.  … Continue reading

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