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Jeffrey Epstein and New Atheism

Check out this photograph: What do these four men all have in common?  They are all atheists.  It is well known that Pinker, Dennett, and Dawkins are New Atheists.  As for Brockman, he is a literary agent and friend of … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Determinism

When I get some time, I’d like to take a closer look at pedophile/sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and New Atheism.  But for the time being, I’ll just briefly point to some relevant articles.  Let’s start with  this article: Many contributions … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and Evidence for Christian Theism

Let me provide what I consider to be a significant piece of evidence for the truth of Christian theism. It all begins with the Goldilocks Principle.  Wikipedia describes it as follows: The Goldilocks principle is named by analogy to the … Continue reading

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Atheist Activists Selling their “Hate Mail” Again

About five years ago, Bonnie Weinstein, from the MRFF (an atheist activist group) wrote a book entitled, “To the Far Right Christian Hater … You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can’t Be Both: Official Hate … Continue reading

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Atheist Activists Lose Another One

A couple of months ago, atheist activists became unglued when a 7-2 Supreme Court decision thwarted their attempts to remove a large Cross memorial from public view. As I noted, the Supreme Court vote “fit nicely with my “tell it … Continue reading

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Should 8chan be shut down?

Let me begin by stating I know nothing about 8chan.  I’m only aware of it from the news reports and when I tried to look in the other day, it looks like it has been shut down because of the … Continue reading

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Should PZ Myer’s Blog Be Banned?

CNN recently posted an aticle about the mass shooter from Dayton, Ohio: In addition, a Twitter account that appears to belong to Betts retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters. The most … Continue reading

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Atheist Unhinged

Atheist activist PZ Myers continues to unhinge as his atheist brain drifts closer than half way to Crazy Town.  Consider his wild-eyed, frenzied “proposals” for making the United States a better place: Shut down 8chan. Arrest anyone who tries to … Continue reading

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What Motivated the Gilroy Garlic Festival Killer?

Atheist PZ Myers is totally convinced that the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter, Santino William Legan, was a white nationalist. Myers writes a post entitled, “Child murderer was a white nationalist” and writes, “Who is surprised? The recent shooting at the … Continue reading

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