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The Propagandistic Nature of “White Privilege”

In the past, I have established that the logic behind the accusations of “white privilege” just as easily supports accusations of secular privilege.  Yet those who advocate for the former resist the latter.  This is not surprising if the entire concept … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg – Media Creation

Recently, PZ Myers was ranting because Greta Thunberg was being criticized/mocked: Greta Thunberg has achieved notoriety because she ably represents a scientific consensus, and is angry and vocal about the way the Old Guard has wrecked the environment and set us … Continue reading

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Atheist Activist Leader Abandons Official Position and Insists “there are no gods.”

Over at the Socratic Catholic, David Silverman’s anti-religious book, Fighting God, was reviewed. The review concluded: Fighting God is a painful literary experience. Ed Feser has stated that Jerry Coyne’s latest work, Faith vs Fact, is the worst of the … Continue reading

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Activists: Modern Day Propagandists

We live in a time when many people seem to be proud of being “an activist.”  They think it a good thing.  There are professors who think incorporating activism into the course is a good thing. I am different.  I … Continue reading

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More Propaganda from Atheist Blogs

Let me clearly demonstrate the propagandistic nature of so many internet atheist blogs.  If you’ll recall, a few weeks ago a freaky, eccentric couple were arrested for seriously abusing their children.  This story was blogged about on The Friendly Atheist … Continue reading

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Misrepresenting America

Sometimes, it is very difficult to believe Jerry Coyne was ever a scientist. Coyne writes: As evidence of America’s deep religiosity, have a look at this article by Mallory Simon from CNN (click on screenshot), which comes with a short … Continue reading

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