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Ignoring the Outmoded

Here’s a video where atheist Lawrence Krauss talks about religion from his hostile perspective.  I hope to address various points that he raises in the future, but for now, I’d like to focus on his basic point from 1:50 – … Continue reading

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Atheist Swingers

Looks like atheist activist Richard Carrier is not the only one into swinging. From Newsweek: Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch has made a surprising confession—that he and wife Mollie Gates are swingers. Middleditch, who has been married four years, said … Continue reading

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Finger Pointing

In a previous thread, Archon’s Den replied to my blog entry connecting Jeffrey Epstein to another atheist activist: Are Catholic pedophiles acceptable, but Atheist ones aren’t??When you list the failings of others, remember the old Elementary School rebuttal: “When you … Continue reading

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Another Week, Another Epstein-Atheism Connection

From here: While MIT engages in damage control following revelations the university’s Media Lab accepted millions of dollars in funding from Jeffrey Epstein, a renowned computer scientist at the university has fanned the flames by apparently going out of his … Continue reading

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So I saw one of these in a parking lot yesterday: And it immediately made me think of Jeffrey Epstein. Why?

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Another Epstein – Atheism Connection

Name – Al Seckel. He was a con man who fooled the skeptic/scientific community into thinking he was both a physicist and neuroscientist when he was neither. And it turns out the guy moved freely among the “intellectual elite,” was … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheists are Outraged Again

Time for more red-faced outrage from the social justice atheists.  Activist Hemant Mehta says: Last week, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees filmed a relatively innocuous commercial for a religious organization urging kids to bring their bibles to school. The … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker and Jeffrey Epstein

When the photo of Steven Pinker and his fellow atheists riding on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane surfaced, Pinker responded on Twitter on July 10,2019: I have no relationship with Epstein & have taken no funding from him. Our circles have … Continue reading

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Professor Wants to Kill Christians

I knew anti-Christian bigotry was fairly common in academia, but this is a bit extreme: Jeff Klinzman, an adjunct English professor at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, had posted on a Facebook page named “Iowa Antifa.” He commented “Yeah, … Continue reading

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The PZ Myers/Epstein Connection

In a previous posting, we saw a group picture of John Brockman with atheists Dawkins, Dennett, and Pinker aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. They were flying to a conference where Dawkins would give birth to the New Atheist movement with … Continue reading

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