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Sam Harris in Retreat

If you read the two articles by Stenger and Pigliucci, it looks like Sam Harris is quietly trying to furiously backpedal. Stenger writes: Pigliucci severely misrepresents the views expressed by Harris in his 2010 book, The Moral Landscape: How Science … Continue reading

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That was peer-reviewed?

Jerry Coyne announces: Physicist and heathen Victor Stenger has written a peer-reviewed article for Science, Religion, and Culture, which is now accepted and available free online. It’s called “In defense of New Atheism: A response to Massimo Pigliucci.” I have … Continue reading

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Demonstrating the Non-existence of God with the Stenger Method

More and more leaders in the scientific community have uncovered the non-existence of god. This scientific conclusion has been reviewed by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins[1], neuroscientist Sam Harris[2], physicist Victor Stenger[3], evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, [4] and developmental biologist PZ … Continue reading

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Victor Think

Atheist activists and atheist fundamentalists have been bombarding us with assertions that science and religion are fundamentally irreconcilable.  One such activist and fundamentalist is Victor Stenger, who contributes yet another confused essay to the Huffington Post entitled, Science and Religion … Continue reading

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Would somebody please teach Victor Stenger how to do science?

Victor Stenger is once again attacking the scientific community: So, scientists and science organizations are being disingenuous when they say science can say nothing about the supernatural. They know better. Their policy of appeasing religion for presumably political reasons only … Continue reading

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Stenger continues to struggle with science and religion

Victor Stenger posted a new essay for the Huffington Post entitled Science and Spirituality.  Actually, I’m not sure it is an essay and I am not sure why that title was chosen, as the posting reads like a series of … Continue reading

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Another New Atheist Endorses God-of-the-Gaps

We have seen that Victor Stenger’s case for atheism is built on the god-of-the-gaps argument.  Yet Victor Stenger also dismisses arguments because they are god-of-the-gaps arguments.  How does one explain this core inconsistency? The problem is made worse in that … Continue reading

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New Atheist Doesn’t Understand Science

Victor Stenger has written an article for the New Scientist making the misguided argument that science can determine whether or not God exists.  He begins it as follows: THE party line among scientists – believers and nonbelievers alike – is … Continue reading

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