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Dawkins Neuters Logic and Reason

Richard Dawkins defined himself and his fans with the following words: even if there was this booming voice in the Second Coming with clouds of glory, the probable explanation is that it is a hallucination or a conjuring trick by … Continue reading

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More Coyne Hilarity

I just checked Jerry Coyne’s blog and, well, have a look at some of the LOLz on his blog. Sure enough, Coyne, who has this issue with spelling “twitter,” was indeed easily duped by the Kim Davis troll/Poe: Speaking of … Continue reading

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More Evidence that New Atheists are Enslaved to Stereotypes

New Atheists claim they are led by evidence and reason, yet they are so enslaved to their stereotypes that is is obvious reason and evidence serve only their confirmation bias. This explains why they are so easily Poe’d. Case in … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins, Volume 2

As you probably know, Richard Dawkins’s life has been so important that it needed two whole volumes to spell out his autobiography. Recently, a puff piece appeared that talked about the upcoming second volume. It sounds a little different this … Continue reading

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