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The CCP Continues Its Quest to Become the World’s Greatest Evil

Have you notice that PZ Myers, and social justice atheists like him, have not offered one word of support for the protesters in China? Why is that?

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More evidence that climate change activists are more of a threat than climate change?

When food prices start to skyrocket, stories like this will help explain why and who is to blame.

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Media’s Praise of China’s Covid Response Did Not Age Well

I am somewhat shocked (for real this time) that this was published, as it documents many examples of the Left-Wing media praising China’s approach to Covid. Of course, many of us knew they were wrong. It’s just now much harder … Continue reading

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More Shocking News

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I’m shocked!

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PZ “Germophobe” Myers Still Afraid of Covid

PZ Myers is STILL terrified about dying from Covid.  On his blog ,he complains he is part of the demographic  (he just turned 65) that is dying and fears he is going to be next.  He writes: If this disease … Continue reading

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Another Queer Activist Supports Pedophilia

Heather Corinna describes herself as follows on her own web page: Heather (they/them) is a dedicated queer feminist activist, author, educator, artist, teacher, organizer and innovator who grows big things from small seeds and works to create, cultivate and support … Continue reading

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Protests in China Continue

Apparently, according to people on Twitter, what they are chanting is “Freedom of expression” “Democracy” “Rule of law” and their signs are stuff like this. Just think how upsetting this must be to people like PZ Myers. Not only are … Continue reading

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In China, anti-Covid protests have turned into anti-CCP protests

Apparently, protests like this have been happening all over China. What makes it most delicious is it was all triggered by the crackpot “zero-covid” germophobic restrictions.

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Sam Harris Runs Away From Twitter

I have long known, and demonstrated through multiple postings over the years, that Sam Harris is VASTLY overrated as an intellect and is largely a media creation. For years, he has been trying to resurrect his public image among his … Continue reading

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