From Wiki:

Butugichag Corrective Labor Camp (Russian: исправи́тельно-трудово́й ла́герь, Бутугычаг) was a part of the bigger Tenlag, a subdivision of GULAG. The camp existed during 1945-1955 in the Kolyma region of North-Eastern Russia (later Magadan Oblast). The camp is mostly known for its deadly uranium mines [1]

The camp’s main activity was the mining of various types of ore, including tin, gold, and uranium. The camp also contained a top secret research-medical facility where a series of experiments were conducted on camp inmates. Witnesses of the camp state that the camp took the life of some 380,000 people in the 10 years of its existence. Most notable about the camp is the fact that uranium mining was conducted here manually without any protective gear whatsoever. The average miner’s life span lasted only months here. To this day the radiation in the area is above normal.

When you hold to a worldview where human life does not have intrinsic value, it is not surprising that something like this can happen.

Below the fold someone posted a youtube video of pics from the site that makes some nice use of Neil Young’s “Dead Man.”

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