Jerry Coyne Embraces Creationist “Research”

Jerry Coyne recently jumped the shark with his blog post entitled, “Science proves that consecrated wafers are still wheat and not Jesus.” I’ll be charitable and overlook the fact that a scientist thinks “science proved” something and instead focus on what is laughably ironic – Jerry Coyne, evolutionary biologist, actually promoted a website entitled, “” LOL!

Let’s be clear. Evolutionary biologist and atheist activist Jerry Coyne used his popular blog to drive traffic to a website entitled This only happens to be the website of the antievolution Raëlian Movement. Apparently, because these particular creationists share Coyne’s atheism/anti-theism, Coyne begins by offering up some very mild criticism:

I don’t know much about the Raëlian Movement, but what I’ve learned suggests that Raelians are plenty weird. Their faith is based on Earth’s life having been created by space aliens, so they’re creationists, and they have all kinds of strange views, including a form of baptism that alters your genetic makeup but prepares you for your eventual judgment by the aliens. They’re a small sect, cult, or religion (whatever you want to call them): Wikipedia estimates that there are only about 90,000 members worldwide.

He then proceeds to defend and speak warmly of the atheist religion:

On the other hand, the sect has some good liberal views: they are pro-gay, in favor of food derived from GMOs, and anti-Catholic.

So why is Jerry Coyne promoting and defending this atheistic, antievolutionary religious cult?

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Not Quite the Same

Jerry Coyne on teaching atheism in the university science classroom:

I praised him for his public proclamation of science’s incompatibility with faith (after all, I have a book on the subject coming out in May), but considered it inappropriate for Barash to engage in what is essentially theology in a public-university science class. Some readers disagreed, seeing a positive value in trying to overcome student prejudice so they could accept the science. David and I had a cordial exchange over email, and he explained to me the secular purpose of what he called “The Talk.”  I could see where he’s coming from, but I still wouldn’t give my own students “The Talk.”

Jerry Coyne on teaching theism in the university history classroom:

This is bad stuff, and we’re all insistent that it has to stop. If the school is smart, it will bring McMullen’s preaching to an end pronto. If they don’t, they’ll almost certainly have a lawsuit on their hands.

Besides, I want to retain my status as the Discovery Institute’s “Censor of the Year”!

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The Gnu Narrative Vs. Reality

According to the narrative, atheists are atheists because they love science.  They don’t just love science, they love, Love, LOVE science.

Yet, according to reality, the Gnus over at Jerry Coyne’s site were given the chance to talk about anything they wanted:

My absence in Bulgaria, and inability to post so often, has prompted this experiment: a readers’ thread.  Feel free to post links or even videos that you think might start a conversation, and see if you can keep it going. Feel free to change the subject if you’ve talked one dry.


When I checked it a week or so ago, there were a little over 200 comments.  And how many of those 200 comments tried to discuss science.  One.



Now that there are over 400 comments, bet if ya looked through them, you might find another one about science.

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The Two Sides of Jerry Coyne’s Mouth

Jerry Coyne selling his book on Amazon:

Coyne is responding to a national climate in which over half of Americans don’t believe in evolution (and congressmen deny global warming), and warns that religious prejudices and strictures in politics, education, medicine, and social policy are on the rise.

Jerry Coyne writing on his blog:

Professor Ceiling Cat long ago predicted that America was becoming more secular, and eventually, long after we’re worm food, I believe that the U.S. will be as godless as France or Scandinavia.

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David Barash Claims He Has a “Secular Purpose” For Preaching Atheism in the Science Classroom

As we have seen, David Barash is a professor from The University of Washington (a public university) who abuses his authority in order to proselytize for atheism in his science class. Barash’s classroom antics are too much even for Jerry Coyne.
Coyne notes that the “Religion and Science are Incompatible” argument is a theological argument and has no place in the science classroom:

I praised him for his public proclamation of science’s incompatibility with faith (after all, I have a book on the subject coming out in May), but considered it inappropriate for Barash to engage in what is essentially theology in a public-university science class.

Coyne is thinking clearly on this issue.

Yet Barash has privately assured him there is a “secular purpose” for his preaching in the science classroom:

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Jerry Coyne Promotes His Fringe Notions

Atheist activist Jerry Coyne has a new book coming out entitled, “Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible.” Coyne has thus officially embraced a fringe view among scientists. The extreme, fringe nature of this view can easily be seen from the simple fact that it is rejected by various mainstream scientific organizations, including the National Center for Science Education, the National Academies, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. And this poses a serious problem for Coyne -if his argument that Science and Religion Are Incompatible is so powerful, why is it that the mainstream scientific community doesn’t buy it? Why is it that the majority of those who do buy into the Incompatibility Argument just happen to be the usual extremist anti-religionists who make up the New Atheist Movement?

Coyne has an explanation for the fringe status of his views.

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Sam Harris Complains He is Being Defamed

Someone used one of Sam Harris’s quotes and turned it into an internet meme:

Harris complains:

Aslan and Greenwald—a famous “scholar” and a famous “journalist”—are engaged in a campaign of pure defamation. They are consciously misleading their readers and increasing my security concerns in the process.

The irony. Atheists commonly use this tactic against religious people – take quotes from religious leaders or religious books out of context and makes memes to portray religion in a very bad light. When this happens, atheists respond with laughter and applause. Of course, when the very same tactic is used against atheists, suddenly it becomes bad.

But the hypocrisy runs deeper.

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Tough Year for Dawkins

It’s been a tough year for Richard Dawkins. First, his autobiography (Part 1) was a flop. Then his documentary was a flop. Then, there were all the times he made of fool of himself with his radical tweets. Then, he got caught trying to sell himself and had to go back and quietly change his website. Feminists successfully tagged him as a sexist and more and more atheists just want him to go away.

With that context in mind, take a look at Jerry Coyne’s book promo listed over at Amazon:

Extending the bestselling works of Richard Dawson, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens, he demolishes the claims of religion to provide verifiable “truth” by subjecting those claims to the same tests we use to establish truth in science.

You know it’s bad when a supposed ally promotes his book by likening Dawkins to a famous game show host! And keep in mind that promo has been up for weeks on amazon, indicating Coyne has felt no pressing need to get this corrected.

Makes ya wonder – is Coyne trying to exploit Dawkins’ troubles to position himself as the new Leader of the Gnus? lol

Okay, on a more serious note, we’ll have to take a look at Coyne’s latest attempt to cash in on the New Atheist Movement.

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Someone….Notify Neil deGrasse Tyson

Well, well, well. Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham has been banned. As you can see, it was banned in California.

Quick! Someone needs to contact scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson about this. As a champion of Enlightenment values such as free thought and free expression, as well as equality for all, I’m sure Tyson would be happy to use his big microphone to defend these values. Tyson could also use the story as part of some pro-science/anti-religion message, I’m sure.

While some aspects of the story might not perfectly fit his agenda, Tyson could add to it – perhaps telling people that George Bush once tried to get Green Eggs and Ham banned. And the Skeptics in the audience would laugh.

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Hidden Life of the Cell

Getting a little tired of the Gnu Show, so I thought I’d take a break with a little cellular biology. Below is a documentary from the BBC back in 2012 that uses computer animations to illustrate what happens during a viral infection. It’s about 60 minutes long. And very good.

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