Who Needs Reason When You Got Emotion?

One of the problems with embracing social justice ideology is that it tends to turn a brain into mush.   Consider social justice atheist, PZ Myers.

On June 25, Myers posted a short blog entry critical of a pagan who thinks she can channel George Floyd:

Ugh. “Spirituality”. Another excuse to grift. This white doofus claims to “channel” the spirit of George Floyd, and that he’s telling everyone to stop fighting for civil liberties, and all lives matter.

Ugh. “Spirituality”. Another excuse to grift?  If she had channeled the need to keep protesting, I doubt Myers would have had the same reaction.

Afterall,  just a day before, on June 24th, Myers wrote another blog celebrating a paranormal figure:

I would support the effort by West Virginians to replace Confederate monuments with statues of Mothman.

And when you click on the link he provides, the seventh sentence in that article reads:

“As a West Virginia native, I’d like to think we’re all spiritually connected to him,” explains Brenna, the 24-year-old who spurred on the movement with this viral tweet

Poor Mushbrain Myers.  Out of one mushy side of his mouth, he criticizes spirituality, yet the day before, the other side of the mouth was promoting it.  And the best part?  You can bet Ol’ Mushbrain is 100% oblivious to his self-contradiction.  Content in his sense of self-righteous purpose.  When you adopt a radical cult-like ideology, there is no reason to keep the rational part of your brain around.  It becomes……….superfluous.

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1 Response to Who Needs Reason When You Got Emotion?

  1. This is funny because I just posted about how feelings are king in today’s world.

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