Is the LGB Community Oppressed?

Since the Marriage Act passed the Senate, I am trying to determine if there is any evidence that the LGB community is marginalized and oppressed.  And I am not finding any.  Someone on Twitter did provide the following article:

Half of LGBTQ workers have faced job discrimination, report finds

Yet when you read the article, the evidence to support this claim amounts to this….”according to a new survey.”

A survey?  

It found that 46 percent of LGBTQ workers reported receiving unfair treatment at some point in their careers because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

That’s it.  Self-reporting on a survey. 

Sorry, I find such data to be highly untrustworthy.  First, the LGBTQ community is a politically savvy community that has learned the power of victimhood.  So it’s possible a significant number of respondents were not being fully truthful.  Second, the LGBTQ community is constantly being told it is victimized.  So that means many answers could be false positives – people falsely attributing hostile behavior and actions as targeting their sexual orientation.  In other words, say Jim could be both gay and a big jerk.  If his boss shuns him in some way for being a jerk, Jim might think it’s all because he is gay.

Also, I’m focused on the LGB community, not the Ts and Qs. 

Anyway, I think I found something better than unreliable self-reporting in a survey – income data.  I’m guided by the notion that income inequity is often cited as evidence of both racism and sexism.  But……there’s a problem:

Census Bureau Implements Improved Measurement of Same-Sex Couples.  Same-sex married couples have a higher median household income than opposite-sex married couples.

Oh, oh.  Also found this from a financial planner in LA:

To get an accurate view of the state of gay household finances, I headed over to a new report from the United States Department of the Treasury  that provides a fairly accurate financial assessment of same-sex marrieds in the U.S.

Well hallelujah my brothers, I’m happy to announce that gay married men, making on average $176,000 per annum as a couple, clock in at 56% ahead of the income of our married straight counterparts.

Someone on Twitter tried to argue, “That’s because men make more than women.  So yes, two men would make more than one man and a woman.”

Nice try.  But from the same article:

Lesbian couples aren’t doing too poorly themselves either in bringing in a household average $124,000, which puts them financially ahead of the average straight married couple who earn a yearly $113,000. 

And then there is this article from Harvard Business Review:

Acceptance of LGBTQ people in all spheres of society – work, family, and community – has grown at a remarkable pace in the United States. A recent Pew Research Foundation study reported that 92% of all LGBTQ adults felt that society is more accepting of them than a decade ago, and 87% of adults report personally knowing someone who is gay or lesbian (up from 61% in 1993).  Same-sex couples throughout the country can now get legally married after the 2015 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. LGBTQ people are highly visible in the media, on television, in the movies, and in the C-suites of major companies like Apple, Google, and IBM.


In a recent paper a PhD student and I analyzed data from a major federal survey in the United States that had not previously been used in this literature – presumably because it only recently began to ask about sexual orientation – and found that the gay male earnings penalty had disappeared. And not only had it disappeared, it had turned into a 10% premium, meaning that gay men in recent years earned substantially more than straight men with similar education, experience, and job profiles. 

If gay men earn substantially more than straight men with similar education, experience, and job profiles, can someone out there explain how gay men are being oppressed? 

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7 Responses to Is the LGB Community Oppressed?

  1. I wonder if LGB persons are seen as more dedicated employees because they’re far less likely to have other considerations like children or church taking priority over their work.

  2. Tom says:

    My guess is that the response would be that gays feel more comfortable ‘coming out’ and living in the upper class strata (as opposed to a more conservative religious environment) so that’s why you’re seeing these stats.

  3. Ilíon says:

    Well, you know, if some people “identify” as being “oppressed”, then they *are* “oppressed” … so long as they acquiesce to leftism.

  4. apollyon911 says:

    Tom – or, homosexuality has environmental causes and these are more prevalent in certain classes, regions, etc. than others.

  5. pennywit says:

    I would say that yes, gay people are oppressed, although that oppression has receded to a great degree in the United States.

  6. TFBW says:

    There still exists a baker who refuses to tailor-make wedding cakes for gays, despite a continuous barrage of litigation, so clearly yes, the oppression is real.

    I’d prefer that you follow the sarcasm where it leads rather than spell it out for you.

  7. Gay people have the full backing of academia, policians, corporations and the media. Their supposed “oppressors” have none of those things.

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