Tweety Dawk Blames Twitter

Looks like Dawkins is a little concerned about what he has done to his reputation:

Twitter makes him do it! If “Twitter brevity” is the problem, someone should inform Dawkins about the existence of something called a “blog.” But then again…..

Does Dawkins refer to the religious as “faith-heads” in his book? Or did Twitter Make Him Tweet like this?

religious: 9 characters
faith-heads: 11 characters

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2 Responses to Tweety Dawk Blames Twitter

  1. Doug says:

    Interesting in close proximity to Andy Stout’s visit. With Andy, the “problem” was that the rest of the world used the wrong definitions of “faith” and “fact” and “religion” and “atheism”, etc. (Must be nice to get to define all the words you use — and change the definitions on the fly to keep your argument afloat).

    Clearly, Dawkins is (perhaps unconsciously) aware of a similar “problem”. If he uses the words in common currency (e.g., “religious”), intellectual integrity would compel him to exercise some care with their use. On the other hand, if he uses terms of his own coinage (e.g., “faith-head”), he can get away with a great deal more. Unfortunately for him, any association between anything “faithiest” and reality is entirely delusional.

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