Polyamory and Camp Quest

So what triggered the implosion of one of Polyamory’s leading champions?

From what I can tell, back on June 10th, an announcement appeared on Richard Carrier’s FaceBook page stating that he started working at Camp Quest.  Carrier has since claimed this was some type of glitch.  Nevertheless, it led to a response by someone named “Amy Frank” who, on June 15th, posted the following:

Parents, and younger people who may graciously volunteer for Camp Quest, a summer camp for kids:

Richard Carrier, the man who sexually harassed me and touched me a year ago after speaking at ASU is now an official employee of this organization. Campus Quest and the Secular Student Alliance are partners, and fully aware of what transpired last year. I’m not even close to being his only victim, and there are even more victims of other speakers of the SSA.

Want to know why he continues to be involved after being banned from being an SSA speaker? He is dating the wife of the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance. This woman is the head of Camp Quest.

Corrupt people continue to destroy what could be wonderful organizations. I am officially BOYCOTTING the national Secular Student Alliance until their leadership is completely dismantled. Students deserve to have an organization capable of handling sexual harassment and assault, with no conflicts of interest. Not only is abuse fairly common at SSA events, but the organization itself goes out of their way to undermine the reports of its very own members’ trauma.

I’ve held my tongue far too long. No more sweeping this shit under the rug. Time to own the fuck up and face the music. The victims have had enough.

Carrier responded:

In terms of public facts: I am not an employee of either Camp Quest or the SSA, or any of their affiliates. Nor am I on their boards of directors or speakers’ bureaus. I have rarely even volunteered for them. And “the wife of the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance” is a strange way to refer to Amanda Metskas, who is actually the national Executive Director of Camp Quest, which Amy seems to be concerned about. Amanda and I are indeed dating. But she and her husband, August Brunsman, are publicly polyamorous,

Let me get this straight.  So Carrier is not an employee of Camp Quest or SSA, but instead admits that the national Executive Director of Camp Quest is one of his lovers as part of his polyamorous lifestyle.  And the national Executive Director of Camp Quest herself is “publicly polyamorous” and her polyamorous husband just happens to be the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance.  And Carrier was a speaker for the Secular Student Alliance when he was accused of sexual harassment.

Gotta love those secular values. I guess it is just business as usual in the social justice atheist’s drama-filled World of Polyamory.

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4 Responses to Polyamory and Camp Quest

  1. Dhay says:

    As an aside to Michael’s OP, responder #22 to Richard Carrier’s blog post questioned whether anyone but Carrier himself could have posted the triggering post on Carrier’s FaceBook page. Carrier responded (#34) that:

    The Facebook Event was generated I now suspect by an algorithm glitch when I approved on June 10 a wall post from [someone on Brian Parra’s show] on June 9 that tagged and mentioned me and Camp Quest at the same time [with the words “join the ranks of”], which FaceBook read as my working there. It’s the only correlating event on my Activity Log, which doesn’t show me posting the life event notice myself.

    I have far too little familiarity with FaceBook to know whether this story is plausible — any thoughts, anyone who has sufficient familiarity? But I did realise that it would be very easy to check if given the name of that “someone on Brian Parra’s show” — so why was the actual name or a link not supplied as supporting evidence?

    Perhaps it was, I thought, but was then redacted and the changes and any additions enclosed in those square brackets; so I attempted to look at an earlier version, if archived, on the WayBack Machine site: but no, “Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt.”

    That is, Carrier has set up his site so that he can make whatever changes he wants, delete and hide anything he wants, and the evidence he has done so will disappear. That’s hardly open, that’s very defensive, that’s the policy of someone who seeks, and presumably needs, to hide and bury things written on his site; which raises the question: what is it that has Carrier hidden and buried.

  2. Michael says:

    That’s a good point. The FB glitch story smells fishy to me. After all, there is another plausible explanation. Carrier got offered the job from his lover, but they had to scrap the whole thing once the FB accusations of harassment came out.

    I think what this requires is a Bayesian analysis.

  3. The Deuce says:

    Just wait a few years for the inevitable Camp Quest child molestation scandal.

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