So now boys have periods

One of the most amusing accusations coming from atheists and secularists is that Christians are delusional and anti-science.  It’s not that these accusations are so easily defeated; it’s that our post-Christian, secular/pagan culture increasingly embraces pseudoscientic insanity.  Ready for this?

There is now a school that teaches boys have periods as part of their sex ed:

Primary school pupils as young as eight are to be taught that ‘all genders’ have periods, according to new sex education guidance. Brighton and Hove City Council’s advice for teachers states ‘trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods’. The guidance goes on to state that education about periods should be inclusive of ‘all genders’ and ‘bins for used period products are provided in all toilets.’

Imagine sending your kid to school to have them indoctrinated like this.  And if you object?  Then you must be an eevil, alt.right, bigot.

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3 Responses to So now boys have periods

  1. unclesporkums says:

    The A- hatetheists who don’t believe this crap are still going along with it because they need suckers for their dying movement

  2. nsr says:

    How does this insanity have such a grip on the educational system both here and in North America?

  3. stcordova says:

    Thanks for finding this, Mike. Merry Christmas!

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