The Dumb Atheist

Atheist PZ Myers is baffled:

What baffles me, though, is that after that silly rant misinterpreting DNA to distort it into support for the author’s weird hatred of gay and trans folk, he announces that DNA is bogus and fake, because it’s found in bullshit things like dinosaurs and apes, and that DNA has nothing to do with heredity. So why is he making up stories about DNA in the first place?

Earth to Dumbass. It’s quite likely you are dealing with a Poe. Ever consider that obvious possibility? Well??

Thought not.

I thought atheists were supposed to be smart.

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7 Responses to The Dumb Atheist

  1. Dhay says:

    > Earth to Dumbass. It’s quite likely you are dealing with a Poe. Ever consider that obvious possibility? Well??
    Thought not.
    I thought atheists were supposed to be smart.

    Nineteen replies from eighteen presumably atheist followers, so far. And none of them has cottoned on yet.

    Smart people, eh.

  2. Kevin says:

    These people are defined by the flaws of unjustifiable high opinions of their own intelligence and moral superiority, and a delight in looking down on those they deem inferior. Even if they knew for a fact it was false, they would still relish the chance to attack their enemies.

  3. TFBW says:

    PZ has fallen into Hyperreality. He’s unable to distinguish between reality and a simulation of reality, especially when the simulation of reality coheres more with his desires and expectations than reality itself.

  4. Anti-theists can be smart and very knowledgeable in their own specialist area, but their pride and arrogance makes them think this allows to speak knowledgeably in all areas. Smart they may be, polymaths they are not.

  5. bluecat57 says:

    You were able to single out one?

  6. Dhay says:

    The text — originally in hard to read green on black — of that FaceBook post was:

    Wanna hear a secret? Signs and Symbols rule the world.

    Another secret? Look for “sodomy eyebags” on people, learn skulls and bones, realize that all dickgirls on steroids, are turbogay. The ones who aren’t, are men with fake titties that screech all the time. True facts.

    There’s a symbol of the “magic spiral staircase/ladder to self-ascension” The idea of “becoming god” is a huge deal to baffos. They want to make prepubescent girls with penises, into “men”, and boys with vaginas into “women” They constantly allude to their “grand architect”, but an architect just assembles things out of materials that already exist. God made the materials to begin with, the freaks perverted everything.

    So, “DNA” has the image of the magic rainbow staircase/ladder of self-ascension. What else?

    The name “dioxy-RIB-o-neucleic-acid”. “RIB”. Like the bones that grow back when damaged. God put Adam to sleep and took out a rib, then made it bigger (multiplying mass out of nothing, as Jesus did with dead fish and bread), and fashioned a derivative of Adam, Eve, to be his companion. Adam’s ribs since regenerated. Rib shaving though, is a common plastic surgery procedure, Look for a cane-shaped scar on the ribcages of “she her” celebs and models. They don’t exactly “remove ribs”, but there’s a procedure for shaving them, lower on the ribcage.

    “DNA”, the acronym, could also stand for “Dicks N Ass”. Not joking here. NOT JOKING. Do you have any idea how depraved. sick, and degenerate the clowns running the world freakshow actually are? DNA is also shown among bullshit things like dinosaurs and apes, so you know it’s bogus.

    The Bible mentions a “book” of a person’s parts. so geneleogy clearly has real stuff to it. Thing is, we plebs don’t know exactly what they are. We know “DNA” IS fake, but real hereditary stuff, that’s still a big mystery.

    Anyone doubt that PZ Myers was Poe’d?

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